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"What are you doing?" I asked.
"Waiting," she replied simply, her eyes closed.
"Waiting for what?"
She smiled. "For him. He loves me and he's coming to see me."
"Oh... must be nice." I said, my shoulders sagging.
"But I know you're waiting too," she said, opening her eyes and blinking her blue oceans at me. "You're also waiting for him."
"No, I'm not," I denied. "I have no one to wait for. I... have no one who loves me. I'm not nearly as lucky as you."
She closed her eyes again. "You may not be waiting for him, but he is waiting for you. You just don't look hard enough to see it."
"I look hard. I look harder than anyone else, especially her. Sometimes I think what I see is crystal-clear, and other times..."
"Other times he's like a black lake, too dark to see through?"
"And I feel like I don't know him at all." I whispered sadly.
Her eyes opened, her oceans crashing down on me and drowning me in truth. "Yet you hold on to something inside, something that, when you think of him,
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Paradise with You
Paradise With You
Alphonse awoke to the sun splashing across his face. He stretched happily and rose from bed. After dressing and combing his golden-blonde hair, he went downstairs where Ed was stuffing bread in his mouth- a poor excuse for breakfast. "Morning, Brother," Al said, laughing a little. "Would you like me to make you eggs?"
"No thanks," Ed mumbled, his mouth full. "I gotta head to Winry's to help with some things and I'm already running late. She'll kill me if I make her wait." He gulped down a cup of juice and dashed toward the front door, shrugging on his red coat. "You going anywhere?" he called over his shoulder.
"Yeah, I may go for a walk," Al replied, cracking two eggs for himself. "Plus I have muffins I'd like to bring to Mitsuko."
"Okay, later!" Ed said hastily and Al watched him run up the street to the Rockbell's house. Laughing again, he finished making his eggs and enjoyed breakfast in a peaceful silence. Then he cleared the dishes and took the basketful of muff
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Black Bond
Cloud sped through the dusty desert roads before the town of Edge, heading towards Tifa's place. The young boy was still leaning against him and Cloud could feel his shallow breaths on his neck. Cloud still held the boy's hand, despite his own growing numb. It was almost as if he tried to channel his thoughts of, 'Just hang on, kid.' into the boy through their physical contact.
Entering the city and skillfully weaving Fenrir through the crowds of people, Cloud finally made it to 7th Heaven. He switched the bike off and dismounted. The boy swayed dangerously without Cloud's support and Cloud quickly grabbed him before he keeled over. Putting one arm around the boy's back and the other under his legs, Cloud carried him bridal-style into the delivery shop. Tifa was sitting anxiously on one of the stools and got up as soon as Cloud walked in.
"Is that him?" she asked. Cloud nodded. Tifa looked at the boy with sympathy. "The poor thing. He sounded so terrified on the phone." His bang
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Flames of contempt fuel my heart's war. Destruction and chaos scorch my insides, burning away at my soul. Flames lick at my ribcage. My backdraft lashes out when you pry open my chest. Cries of the burned are absorbed into my bones. All that hate leaves behind are my ashes.
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FMA Screenshot Meme- SPOILERS :iconfromxchiyoxtoxsayuri:fromXchiyoXtoXsayuri 83 182 Giant Group Leap :iconfromxchiyoxtoxsayuri:fromXchiyoXtoXsayuri 1 9 Banquet pic for my devID :iconfromxchiyoxtoxsayuri:fromXchiyoXtoXsayuri 1 4 Senior Banquet :iconfromxchiyoxtoxsayuri:fromXchiyoXtoXsayuri 2 4
Her light illuminates his life. She's the sunshine in his heart and the moonlight in his eyes. The thought of not being with her... he can't breathe. He clings to every moment, soaking in her smile. The music of her laugh guides him into her arms where the beat of her heart puts him to sleep. He yearns for her touch, to feel her hand interlocked with his and prays for the moment when he can kiss her again. Her name is like honey on his tongue and he will take any chance to call it out.
He gained many a bruise when falling for her but her tender kisses helped him to heal. She's held his heart ever since, only giving it playful squeezes. Each season has been a blessing with her at his side and he wouldn't trade a moment of it for anything. He sees her in everything; her smile in the water, her whisper in the wind.
Knowing she'll be there gives him the strength to go on every day. He wants nothing more than to wake up with her by his side, ready to greet their life together. He won't ask
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Kingdom Hearts: It's Srs Bsns
"OMG, SQUIRREL!" Sora shrieked dashing after the critter. In his recklessness, he swung his Keyblade around, nearly hitting Riku.
"So-ra!" Riku scolded. "Watch where you're going!"
Suddenly, Sora's cell phone went off.
"Do you like waffles?"
"Yeah, we like waffles!"
"Do you like pancakes?"
"Yeah, we like pancakes!"
"Hellooooooo?" Sora sang when he picked up. "Oh, hey, Kairi! Nothin' much, me 'n Riku are just gonna go fight Mansex now. Orly? You and Naminé are gonna be cheerleaders?! That's fantastical! Mkay, we'll see you there~" Closing the phone, he skipped over to Riku. "Guess what?! Kairi and Nam-"
"I heard," Riku cut him off. "Let's just get on with it, shall we?" They continued along in The World That Never Was, defeating a few Shadows and Neoshadows here and there, but it was mostly Riku that did the work. Donald and Goofy had chickened out, along with King Mickey, so they all went back to the castle.
Finally, they reached the door leading to Mansex. When they went t
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He thought he could save her
That's what he was promised
But the darkness lied
The shadow lied
It only killed him
… Killed her
Now he was an enemy of light
But that was the burden he had to bear
For falling in love
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Teen Titans Meme :iconfromxchiyoxtoxsayuri:fromXchiyoXtoXsayuri 8 18
I feel safe
In your arms, in your heart
Hold me tight
And don't let me go
My paradise, my love
You're my sanctuary
Heal my scars
Open my eyes
Be my reason
And I'll be yours.
:iconfromxchiyoxtoxsayuri:fromXchiyoXtoXsayuri 2 0
Groping in the dark, hoping to find my candle
Are you my candle?
I can't see your flame
Don't go out; don't lose your warm spark
I'll help you breathe
I just need to find you
So hold on; I'll ignite you
I promise.
:iconfromxchiyoxtoxsayuri:fromXchiyoXtoXsayuri 2 3
Does power truly corrupt?
If you're fighting for love, does that make it right?
A young lost boy
Granted power and bound by a promise
Twisted and insane, he holds the world in his hands
... Will he crush it?
Or will he cradle it like glass, knowing that if he breaks it he'll bleed?
He knows not what the future holds
He can only change his own destiny
But who will he be willing to hurt along the way?
At this point, no one knows
Not even her
:iconfromxchiyoxtoxsayuri:fromXchiyoXtoXsayuri 2 2
As love fades with time
So have the footprints you've left on my heart
This is good-bye
... Don't cry for me
There's nothing worth crying for
Not anymore
:iconfromxchiyoxtoxsayuri:fromXchiyoXtoXsayuri 2 0

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It's been quite a while, hasn't it?

I'll be honest, I have more or less given up on this site. I log in once maybe every two weeks. I just can't bring myself to really care anymore. dA will always have a very special place in my heart, but I don't feel like this site entertains me much anymore. I'm sorry. :c Maybe if I ever get a sudden bout of writing inspiration I'll post something but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

But! All hope is not lost. I am on Tumblr at the-excitable-fangirl.tumblr.c… and I'm also on Facebook, but that's a little trickier. I don't like to add people I don't really know, so if you want to friend me, send me a note and we'll see. c:

I love you guys! Drop me a line sometime if you really want to talk. I'll try to log in more often, but I'll mostly be lurking.

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Personal Quote: "I can’t hide who I am. I can’t say things I don’t mean, say that I like things I hate, or that I hate things I like. And more than anything, I can’t lie to myself. Rather than dwelling upon things I can’t change, I’d rather develop the good things about me. So my dream isn’t to become the “best,” it’s to become someone I’m not ashamed to be."


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